Previously known as Tsunami Children's Relief Fund (TCRF), we have now come under the larger scope of Asian Children's Relief Fund (ACRF), bringing child relief to different parts of Asia, our work spanning from disaster areas to under-developed communities.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jantho Classes

Pedro is making good progress with the agricultural program with some vegetable plantings, fruit trees and fish ponds. This has been started after the compost project was started and used for fertilizer. Next we hope that he will get some chickens to place over the fish ponds to complete the cycle agricultural project. With a well this will be a complete reproducible project that will help the community.

Saut and Regan have also been busy. Besides helping Pedro and Eny in the house they have started teaching computer basic skills classes and basic English conversation classes.

We now have three computer class with five students per class learning basic word and typing programs. The English and tutorial classes have between 30 and 41 kids two to three times a week.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Visitors from England

Geoff and Sarah from St. John’s Church in England arrived in Medan on the 12th and we took them to stay in our Medan children’s home on Jalan Permai. We stayed in Medan for two days visiting the new children’s home that we will move into later this month and then boarded a flight to Banda Aceh. We spent the next two weeks taking them around to visit all of the children and experience local culture.

Geoff helped us by buying wood for children’s desks in Jantho and for the new computer cabinet at Punge.

We had a great visit and hope that they will come again next year!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Medan Children's Home - An update

Jun and the boys moved into the new boys home on Gong Cherry in Padang Bulan on 20th Aug. We also gained three new boys from two families, both of whom have financial hardships and cannot send the boys to school. By living in the home they will have that opportunity.

Thanks so much to SIB Seremban for providing the funds to rent the new home and for the refrigerator, cooking stove and rice cooker from CVI.

We also had a new couple join us at the Permai house to take care of the girls. Welcome to Pak Max and Ibu Dewi!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our latest team member!

Christina Coleman, our latest addition to the team, arrived today in Banda Aceh!

She will be joining our Jantho team as a teacher for our children there, teaching them English as well as leading sports activities.

Christina plans to be here only until the Christmas vacation but we know that she will be a valuable addition for that time. Thanks for coming all the way to Banda Aceh Christina!